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Challenge 3

Finally we have our 3rd challenge out!

Ok, random post - We really need more icon makers. Thank you to everyone who's participated, we've had some really beautiful icon entries so far! I know it's hard to find time out of your busy schedrule to sit down and make an icon, but it's appreciated, and as of right now, with the site so "young", the chances that you will win are very high! I'll try to come up with some more interesting ideas for cghallenges, and I'm gonna try to make the challenges more specific as well. Thanks, again, I appreciate every entry :)

Ok, now that we're done with that...

Challenge 3: Funny Faces

       This challenge is all about Johnny and those funny faces he's always making. I thought this week we should celebrate the funkyness that is Johnny! The theme is Pirates of the Caribbean - Johnny in all his pirate-y glory. Arrr.

       For example, If I were to take the screencap of Captain Jack Sparrow sticking his tongue out,  in the scene where he was talking to Mr. Cotton (and his parrot), and I would add the words: Mr Cotton's  Parrot... Same question...

There is a limit of 2 icons to this challenge. Please have fun with this, and be creative!

Please get your icons in as a comment to this post by 8 pm EST* Monday October 17

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